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Registration for dunaPart is open now for free! It is both necessary and useful to register, so we ask you to do it as soon as possible, because only then can we provide you with an appropriate welcome.

Those of you who register:

  • will receive free tickets to the shows you pick in advance. (We will try to show the performances in their own environments, so our guests will have the opportunity to visit dozens of venues of Budapest’s receiving house network.)

  • can book accommodation at our partner hotels at a discount rate. (You can choose from various categories, however, every hotel is close to the main venues and is easily accessible by public transport)

  • will be our guest for a communal lunch every day at the centrally located dunaPart club, where we also provide you with dinner at a discount price. (The club will also operate as an information centre, where our colleagues will help you in every way to make your stay in Budapest a successful one.)


We are continuously updating our website and you will receive our biweekly newsletter, if you subscribe. Should you have any further questions, please write to us at platform.budapest@gmail.com. We would also like to thank you for spreading the word.