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Based on the suggestions of an advisory council and by widening the scope of genres and geographical borders, we tried to put together a program as complex as possible. We will present some 30 performances within four days, mostly theatre and dance shows, but you will also have the chance to see numerous experiments which are crossing these borders. The participating Hungarian companies come from all over the country and beyond, thus providing a truly unique overview for those who will spend this long weekend in Budapest. We organised a packed program beginning on Thursday afternoon and ending on Sunday night. We also added a bonus day on the 17th November, when those who are interested will have the chance to see the work-in-progress of the reorganised Krétakör Company. We will be holding professional talks during the late morning hours at the dunaPart club, where in the evenings you will have the chance to meet the participating artists while enjoying special music events. The detailed schedule and the labels helping to find your way around is also available at the website.

Off programs

  • 14 November, 9pm, AKKU

Made in China
a perormance by Krétakör

"I'm afraid to speak this much with the Chinese because they see through me immediately. But I feel free to speak with you because you would never understand it."

A woman arrives to Budapest from China. She is fighting for independence. She demands a place in the world of men. She starts a new life in the jungle of the Józsefváros Market. She rips out one of her arms to help the weak, and throws punches with the other one. Hungary through the eyes of a Chinese woman. Docudrama, infused with contemporary opera.

Made in China tells the story of a young Chinese woman who immigrated to Hungary after the regime change in 1990 from her childhood till today. It is a typical fate and course of life of a woman performed by an actress, a female singer and a female guitar artist. It is a contemporary theatrical experiment based on an interview combining three different genres (text, music and opera which supplement and support each other) in an exciting way while it is also a good opportunity for a dialogue between performers and styles.

The performance raises important and current issues which could be relevant anywhere in the world such as migration, the question of assimilation or keeping your identity; and what is more they are presented from a woman's point of view.

With Annamária Láng (actress), Éva Bodrogi (singer), Kata Koltai (classical guitarist), Georgi Sztojanov (composer), Fruzsina Nagy (costume designer)

The performance is based on Chinese Story, a report by Pál Nyíri.


  • November 15th 10pm!, Sanyi and Aranka Theatre

Sarah Ruhl: The Clean House
Hungarian translation and produced by Anna Lengyel, PanoDrama

Coproduced by PanoDrama and Sanyi és Aranka Theatre
(with English handouts)

One of the biggest hits among contemporary American plays, is Sarah Ruhl's brilliant absurd and very female piece, which got rave reviews in New York and is now first performed in Hungary with an ensemble cast of four outstanding actresses including Eszter Csákányi from the former Krétakör, whom you might have seen as Arkadina in The Seagull. Directed by the award-winning actor-director Andor Lukáts it is the first production of his newly opened absurd theatre. The reviews matched those of the world-premiere.

With Eszter Csákányi, Ági Margitai, Adél Kováts, Zoltán Varga and Nóra Földeáki
Directed by Andor Lukáts


"It was said that my father was the funniest man in his village. He did not marry until he was 63 because he did not want to marry a woman who was not funny. And then one day he met my mother. He used to say: your mother-and he would take a long pause is funnier than I am. We have never been apart since the day we met, because I always wanted to know the next joke. (...)
I wear black because I am in mourning. My mother died last year. Have you ever heard the expression: "I almost died laughing"? Well that's what she did. She was laughing at one of my father's jokes. A joke he took one year to make up, for the anniversary of their marriage. When my mother died laughing, my father shot himself. And so I came here, to clean this house. "

Sponsored by NKA, EJI, Yoman&Yoman

For tickets: please contact Anna Lengyel at alengyel@yahoo.com or +36202104727