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16th November 15:00 Merlin Theatre ('45)
Finita la Commedia
Book of Man
Fotó: Szenteleki Dóra

book of man, neither good nor bad
a danger to itself, but protected
S.H.U.T.U.P. Shut up!
a stumbling-stone, a pebble
with ripples quietly forming rings

“The presence of Ferenc Fehér as the free spirit (his movements, dance or its absence) expresses the need for the desire for freedom reflected in rebellion and opposition, the need for striving at free self-expression and for fully experiencing our existence. From our point of view it appears as the synonym for standing up against artistic and social norms and expectations that are reiterated in our minds over and over again. As a creation it arises from the need for recognition. Because there is something that we lost somewhere. For good.”

O. Caruso, 2005 

Book of Man was performed at the ZODIAK, in Helsinki in February 2008, a venue receiving contemporary dance and dance theatre companies. At the invitation of Pina Bausch the company will appear at the NRW International Dance Festival in November 2008.

Free spirit: Ferenc  Fehér /dance
: O. Caruso, Ferenc Fehér
: Dóra Szenteleki
: Ferenc Fehér
: O. Caruso
Directed by
: O. Caruso

“Book of Man is a clear, almost puritan work of art, using shocking devices with care. (...) Although in Book of Man he plays a frail creature stumbling into failures (the name of his role is Free spirit), as a performer, Fehér has reached a point by now, when, all on his own, wearing just a pair of trousers and without any particular stage effect, he can create an atmosphere and with his acting and movement he can hold the audience spellbound for almost an hour.”

Csaba Kutszegi – Színház , February 2006)

9th Teatarfest, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herczegovina, 2006 - Award for Best Performance
I. Monodance Festival, Dunaújváros, 2005 - EXIT, Grand Prize

Premiere: 2.12.2005, Trafó - House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest

Sponsored by: Hungarian Ministry of Culture and Education, Cultural Committee of the Budapest Mayor’s Office, Trafó, Workshop Foundation, New Performance Art Foundation